Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some of our favorite products!

Summer is coming!  I know! I can't believe it either! Of course, we all kind of hibernate in those winter months and stay home and eat to keep warm, right? ;) Well, I do! That always adds a few extra pounds that I need to take off before swim suit season is here... ACE is your answer!  I can guarantee you it has been my answer!  The appetite control along with the clean and natural energy is the key to helping you become a healthier and happier YOU!  This isn't a fad diet.  That's what I love! If you skip a day, you don't gain back half your weight loss.  And I have even went off of it for a couple of months just to make sure that I wouldn't gain my weight back.  I actually continued losing weight, just not as rapidly.  But boy did I ever miss the energy!  Well..... we are running an unheard of deal on our ACE bottles thru the summer months!  On top of that, we offer a loyalty card as well!  Purchase 6 bottles of ACE from either Me (Teauna ) or Mom (Kathy) and then choose any of our products at our cost!  So what are you waiting for!? Our deal is so good that we can't advertise the price in print so you're going to have to message one of us:) Contact us now to get your bottle of ACE! We keep it in stock so you can get it when you need it!
We also have many different all natural products that are AWESOME!!!!
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These are some of my favorite picks:


Come in Chocolate or Vanilla

ToppFast shake is a scientific blend of proteins, herbs, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in a low fat, low carbohydrate formula.  To help achieve weight loss goals, it is recommended to eat a reduced fat and reduce simple carbohydrate diet, exercise briskly 3-4 times per week and drink at least 8, 8 fluid oz. glasses of water daily. 

I have tried a BUNCH of different protein shakes. They are all so chalky and icky tasting.  Topp Fast is a sweeter shake to me and isn't chalky at all.  My kids will even drink it:)

Topp Fast is also made to work along with ACE! Taking them together will only give you better and faster results!

Topp Fast shakes have 30 servings per container....

Retail cost is $45.00

one shake a day is $1.50 for a meal... :)


Nature Flex is an advanced Glucosamine Formula... Great for your joints and muscle health!  I have loved it since the day I started it!  I'm not nearly as sore after running! And to make it even better, we offer MSM COMPLEX... a natural solution for aching muscles and joints.  Kind of like a linament oil, but in a gel form.  Smells like toothpaste in the bottle but doesn't stink after you've rubbed it on your sore muscles and joints!  Great for arthritis or achy muscles!

Retail Cost Natureflex is $41.00

Retail Cost on MSM Complex is $13.00


An all natural Antioxidant Juice!  I call POM my "fairy dust".  I have not been sick since I started taking POM!  I used to always be sick! It works magic on allergies for me! I was first introduced to POM when my pancreatitis flared up! Oh MY WORD! I was doubled over in pain and had a wedding reception to make refreshments for and a huge and detailed wedding cake to complete!  I was in a panic but too sick to do anything about it.  My upline met me with a bottle! I thought it was worth a try.  I kid you not, I drank an ounce.  That
is a shot glass!!!! Within 2 hrs, I was up baking and back to doing what I needed to do!  I haven't went a day without it since! It needs to be refrigerated after opening, but has a pretty long shelf life before opening it.  The one in my fridge now, expires Dec 2012. 
If taking an ounce a day, the bottle will last you 16 days. Great for kids with yucky allergy noses in the summer.... great for pregnant women or anyone that needs help with their immune system!

Retail on Saba POM is $25.00

SABA Borojo Juice

Borojo is an Amino Acid rich weight loss juice! Packed with all natural ingredients to work along with your ACE to absorb it 50% more!  With ACE, we call this combination the 1-2 PUNCH!  If you are unable or choose not to take ACE, the Borojo will aid in weight loss as well! Take an ounce a day for even more appetite control and energy! a 16 oz bottle will last 16 days when taking an ounce a day!

Retail on Saba Borojo is $25.00

If you have any questions please DO NOT HESITATE to call me! I am always here to help you! Also, if you're interested in joining my team... we always offer help to those wanting to sign on!  You can sign on at a very minimal cost!  Our team works very well together and supports each other every step of the way! Lots of fun to be had!

Have an ACEtastic day!