So... I have pretty much run on diet coke for the last year! I just have had no energy and it just hasn't been working with all the stuff I have going on! So I heard about this supplement called ACE! It is an all natural supplement.. Marketed As a weight loss supplement, it really caught my eye! Who doesn't want to lose an extra pound or two while having energy?! No arguments from me! It's pretty simple. You take one or two pills a day, and you live your life like normal! You just aren't hungry (except for when you need to be) ! I have realized what a grazer I am! And now I have no desire for all those little "snacks" throughout the day! And!.... I crave water! I am not a lover of water! I still drink a diet coke a day but that's nothing compared to the 2 liter minimum per day I used to drink! I have never been able to take energy supplements because they make me extremely jittery and they bother my kidneys! But ACE has not affected me at all in any negative way! I love it! I lost more than 5 pounds my first week! My pants are all baggy and I'm losing inches in all those spots that it needs to be lost... ie the "bra fat" and the "muffin top"! Not a bad thing!:) I have lost almost 20 pounds in 3 months! 
I      I chose to sale A.C.E. because I wanted to share it with all of my friends and family!  I wanted them to feel as great as I feel!  I always have a lot going on and A.C.E. helps me get it all done!  I love the clean energy I feel! It makes me WANT to get busy and get things done.  I have several clients that say..."I even want to do my laundry and dishes!"  This totally cracks me up!  Because I feel the same way! 

I have recently moved to Nevada and am now a ranch cook... living out my life dream! So... now, more than ever, I need a bunch of energy!  I need to get these hungry men fed and take care of everything else, including homeschooling my children, being a wife, a mom, and keeping up my blog, my other passion, all while writing a cookbook!  So, yes!! I NEED all the help I can get in the energy department.  I LOVE MY ACE!

I alsoo take Saba Borojo, POM, and CoClenz.  These products are made to work along with A.C.E. for a perfect combination of healthy, energetic Weight Loss!!! 

I woulld love to help you!

Please call or text me anytime... 208-851-8226

Lots of love,