Hi, there!!  My name is Kathy Williams, aka "Teauna's Mom".  I just recently joined the A.C.E. team after watching Teauna have amazing success in her weight loss efforts and enjoy great energy levels while doing so.  Usually, one does not come with the other.  Or so has been my experience.  I am a cancer survivor and am careful with supplements, but I have been taking the Saba Borojo juice and it has given me an energy boost.  Brad (that's my better half) is taking A.C.E. hoping to shed a few pounds to help with his aching back.

Teauna is making a huge change in her life and relocating to Nevada.  So I wanted to make sure that her customers were still able to get the products that they love.  So call me or text me (I recently went to the "dark side") 208-317-8841.  I will do all I can to  get you what you need.

Oh, remember, each day is a gift.  Treasure each and every one and feel great while doing so with A.C.E.